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Tory totty..
Posted Friday, 14 October 2011 at 00:03
This is what happens when you go out for dinner with this lady..

Tory Totty Online

a) You are surrounded by men who insist on believing that what they have to say to you is more exciting and interesting than what you have to say to each other.
b) You are surrounded by men who have obviously fallen in love with torrytottyonline at first sight.
c)You are surrounded by men who want to give you golf lessons.
d) You are surrounded by men who want you to talk to their dog.
e) You are surrounded by men who keep clearing your table and taking away your empty glasses/dishes
f) You are surrounded by men who slip you a piece of paper with their mobile number on it as they leave the pub.
g) You are surrounded by men who keep walking over and saying 'do you mind if we join you?'.
H) You are surrounded by men who keep sending drinks over to the table.
I)  I'm going out with her again tomorrow night.
Labour's little present
Posted Thursday, 13 October 2011 at 18:12
The IPC, an unelected quango, was established by Labour in order to take large infrastructure planning decisions and to keep politicians safe.

The decision to grant planning permission to Covanta, is the first decision it has taken and will probably be the last, as we are about to abolish it via the Localism Bill.

So, if we can't find a legal chink in the IPC process in order to call a judicial review, Covanta will be the Labour party's little (or not so little) present to Bedfordshire.

By the time I have finished, there wont be anyone in Mid Beds who doesn't know that.

Posted Thursday, 13 October 2011 at 16:58
The American waste giant, Covanta, has just been granted permission by the IPC to build a Wembley sized incinerator in my constituency.

Outrage is not an adequate word to describe the feelings of my constituents. The IPC was established by Labour to remove all political responsibility from infrastructure planning decisions and is about to be abolished by this government, but too late for Mid Beds.
If the IPC think we are just going to roll over, whilst Covanta build an incinerator to burn London's rubbish in Bedfordshire, and shower us with it's toxic fly ash, they can think again.
We will not stand by and let this happen.

Shocking standards of nursing care...
Posted Thursday, 13 October 2011 at 09:03
I have just read those words in an article in the Times by Camilla Cavendish in relation to the HSC Bill.
As I read 'shocking standards of nursing care' my heart fluttered with a sharp intake of breath and then I thought its ok, she's a journalist, she can say those things, its only politicians who dare not.
Liam Fox and HIGNFY
Posted Monday, 10 October 2011 at 09:30
Having just finished a radio interview with BBC West Midlands, it's time to head back to parliament.

Whilst I was waiting I read an article about about how much the BBC pay MPs for appearances. A couple of weeks ago I turned down HIGNFY for the fourth time; however, I did notice a line which read 'a fee is paid of £1,500' - It would have to be £15,000 for me to agree to that!

Dr Liam Fox has had a torrid weekend. I, along with the MPs who know him to be a good and decent man, will be in the chamber to lend him our support. Politics is the nastiest business in which people can make up any amount of nonsense and baseless lies they wish and the press report it.

It is difficult to identify the substance behind the accusations against Dr Fox. During these situations the chamber resembles a bear pit as the opposition smell blood and the prize of a scalp. This afternoon Liam will fight for his political life. We will - metaphorically speaking - put our arms around his shoulders, but it's up to him.

The House of Commons is no place for the squeamish.
The green freeze
Posted Sunday, 9 October 2011 at 11:20

Some may have noticed, I’ve not been George Osborne’s biggest fan lately but if this(£) is true, he’s bang on the money and one can only hope he's dragging his feet because of the effect on domestic fuel prices.

For those who don’t have any direct contact with pensioners, here’s how many of my older constituents manage their winter months; they go to the Co-op/ Nisa/Londis each week with a plastic card and have put onto the card how much they can afford to spend on heating their house that week.

At home, next to the meter, they have a piece of paper onto which they write down the meter numbers and then they put the card into the meter.

One gentleman I visited recently worked out he could afford enough gas to heat his home for one and a half hours each evening. Before he goes to bed, he writes down the meter numbers again. When the weather is really bad he will go to the library, just to keep warm and wander around the shops but he can’t afford to buy tea or coffee because it’s over two pounds a cup.

An estimated five million people live in fuel poverty.

Further investment in renewable green energy is only something which can be afforded when we know our pensioners aren’t going to become hypothermic in the process.

Maybe No10 would like to switch off the heating on the coldest day of the year, just so that they can feel what it’s like to be a pensioner living in Britain, and then let’s see if they are quite as enthusiastic about further investment in renewable energy. In fact, I think we should all insist that they do it for a week, so that they can really understand.

It would appear that the yellow hand of the Liberal Democrats is resting on David Cameron’s shoulder once again.

On another note re today’s press, it would appear that Quentin Letts is right. Boris and I really are the only two Conservatives who don’t need a surname.  

Posted Saturday, 8 October 2011 at 15:14
The Spectator magazine has begun a new weekly blog, The Bookbenchers. here is my contribution; 

I was also interviewed for the November editon of 'Glamour' magazine, which has enhanced my status somewhat this weekend with my three offspring. Respect is my favourite word today.
Give the Kids a Chance
Posted Thursday, 6 October 2011 at 10:23

David Cameron yesterday made a short reference to the fact that not enough employers are offering young people places on apprenticeship schemes.

We have young people in Bedfordshire who have been offered a place on an apprenticeship scheme via a college, however they cannot start the scheme or course until an employer has committed to take them on for two days per week at a cost of about £90.

This is because the young people involved need to be in employment in order to practice the skills they will learn at college.

One young man came to see me recently. His course starts in four weeks and we are now working to try and find a company to take him on and commit to the two days, but time is running out.

This situation will be the same around the country as young people face losing their college place if an employer won’t take them on.

So, to all employers, please give the kids a chance and commit. 

Blogging blackout
Posted Thursday, 22 September 2011 at 13:17
I am about to work on a project and will (unfortunately!) not be able to blog again until October 3rd.
Agate House
Posted Thursday, 22 September 2011 at 13:07

Today I visited Agate House which is a Leonard Cheshire Home in Ampthill.  It cares for the most vulnerable and disabled clients, all of whom receive DLA.

The Government proposes to reform DLA and replace it with a new Personal Independence Payment.

There have been concerns regarding this however; the genuinely sick, disabled and retired have nothing to fear.  This Government does not regard caring for those in need as a burden, but as a proud duty.

The Government aims to make PIPs fairer, more straightforward to administer and easier and clearer for individuals to understand.

Whenever there is change, people become concerned and the residents of Agate House made this fantastic video which they posted on You Tube called ‘Don’t Take Away Our DLA’.

I hope I reassured them today that the Government are very aware that the most vulnerable should not be disadvantaged in any way whatsoever or their standard of living made any worse as a result of changes. What we do have to ensure though, is that those people who claim DLA but can work, do so.

The people in Agate House have wonderful stories to tell. A former nurse, now wheelchair bound with MS who used to work in the operating theatre at Great Ormond Street Hospital. A former model who lived a glitzy rock and roll lifestyle that ended overnight. People who have spent their entire life in a wheelchair and who communicate via technology – one lady typed that she looks at the same walls every day. Her DLA is what pays for someone to take her outside of the building, to pay for the transport. 

She also typed ‘people don’t see me, they just see a wheelchair’.  I saw you. And I know you will read this and I hope that somehow we manage the logistics to get you into the public gallery on the day of the debate when I hope to be called to speak and tell your story.

Thank you so much for your hospitality. Sorry I got some of you out of bed after a late night at the theatre!

Miss Popularity....not
Posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011 at 10:43

This little gem has just popped up on Twitter;

Mark Pack
Most popular MP at ? Nadine Dorries getting very regular, very positive references for her PMQs contribution.

I wonder if whoever is making the very regular, very positive references could add a little post script? it goes like this;

Nadine Dorries wants a referendum on EU membership very soon, to stop right now sending English £s to support failing European economies, to introduce a Bill of Rights, to scrap the Human Rights Act, to lower overall taxation in order to stimulate growth, to cut harder and faster on public services in order to reduce spending, to bring the upper limit at which abortion takes place down to 20 weeks, to remove Local Authority control over education, to free the NHS from Whitehall and to open up free market provision within the NHS, to dramatically reduce inward immigration, to embrace our special relationship with the USA, to make prison mean hard work and life to mean life, to increase our defence budget and support our troops, and she believes Green taxes are damaging to elderly people who can barely afford to heat their homes.
There, *rubs hands together and dusts self down* that should do it.
Tim Ireland
Posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011 at 10:10

Some time ago, Tim Ireland, who hosts a number of objectionable websites, was questioned for five hours by Bedfordshire Police. Under caution and on tape, he was given a warning as to how his actions could be construed in relation to Section 2 of the Harassment Act.

Before and after that interview I had a number of meetings with the Police at which notes were taken.

Weeks ago, Tim Ireland applied for and was sent the redacted notes using the FOI act. I assume he will publish them.

My lawyer’s details were on the notes and Tim Ireland has begun his usual tirade of repetitively contacting anyone whose name or details he obtains who has even the remotest connection to me.  My lawyers will not be responding to his requests.

People who follow him on Twitter only see what he writes about me, they are not aware of the phone calls he makes or the emails he sends to third parties. This includes people to whom I may make a general reference on the blog who may not even have a connection to me or be even remotely political, which is both distressing for them and embarrassing for me.

He targets others too, Including Iain Dale and Guido amongst many, just with not quite the same ferocity. Which leads me and others to think that maybe his special hatred is reserved for women.

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