Reply to Jacqueline McGorrian McMurdie and Lisa Petrison

It is important to stand up to bullies, so I am being forced to respond to nonsense, despite my best efforts not to. Yesterday, I was libeled on my own blog, so I blocked someone and took down comments for the first time, still hoping it would fade away. This morning there were more lies, so the comments are now under moderation. Disagreement is always encouraged here, but I will not allow lies about what happened to be published here.

One of the many sad things about all of this is that it is trivial. It is the raging of a couple of misguided people whipping themselves into a lather about their own failings. Backed into a corner they don’t know what to do other than strike out. As I said, I won’t read it, but I will respond to a couple of the real bloopers in a document that it is safe to say is all twists of the truth and complete lies as well. Anyone wondering the truth, should ask what’s the point? What good are they are doing? What do they have to gain?

I have not read the unbelievably long document in question, and will not, but the lies are in my mail, and members of Little Acorns have read it. I have mail this morning from both a doctor and a lawyer friend encouraging me to “clear” my name. Big sigh. I am sick to have to write this. I want to write from a constructive place, not respond to destructive people.

As for my license, feeling like Obama producing his birth certificate, here is proof that I have an active license in good standing in Hawaii. From my wallet, with the signature cut off. I have been licensed in Hawaii since I graduated from medical school in 1979. I also have federal and state licenses to prescribe controlled substances.


Also for the record, I worked for 24 years prior to this practice and treated over 60,000 patients, was never sued or disciplined. In case anyone thinks I didn’t really go to school, here are pictures of my Harvard and Albert Einstein College of Medicine degrees.

I don’t think that HIPAA applies to aliens, but there is no need to say anything about Andrew’s medical condition here anyway and Jacqueline was not my patient. So far, I have said publicly only what I was forced to say in the name of medical truth, rather than allow fiction. The only blog that is medically revealing was published not only with permission, but with insistence. Jacqueline responded to wide readership with glee.

This is what happened from my point of view. All was relatively well, given that Jacqueline arrived in Hawaii with no driver’s license and no credit card, expecting to be taken care of. Nevertheless, I managed with difficulty. Then Andrew became able to handle more activity and we did labs, which had been delayed to spare Andrew three hours in the car to get to and from the pediatric draw station. At that point, I started uncovering things. I tried to refer to a higher level of care and was fired. The ostensible reason given was fear of infusions because IV’s in an outpatient setting are too dangerous. But this was all explained before the trip. I not only explained that I work from my home, but showed both parents on Skype what the physical setting was like. They knew that my background is in emergency medicine and I was set up for safety. I don’t know why Jacqueline suddenly decided that she didn’t want infusions. It is true I was irritated when she made the decision, since it meant that she had spent a huge amount of money for treatment that didn’t require travel.

I responded by saying that we could then wrap it up in a week and I could follow from a distance, doing the same things we would do if they stayed another month, other than neurofeedback which wasn’t going that well. I said that if they went home, the money saved would allow two other children to be treated in Arizona. That was when I got fired. She responded that I was trying to steal her money and she was going to call the police. Her behavior became increasingly bizarre, threatening, and at times seemed downright dangerous for Andrew. It all happened on a FaceBook planning page, which existed to serve Jacqueline, so a dozen witnesses were pressing me to call for child protection. It was a nightmare. I almost did call authorities after some particularly outrageous behavior, but after investigating the reality of what a report would do to Andrew, I decided that their returning home was the better part of valor. I decided to communicate with the referring doctor in NI and got a response that Andrew was doing well. I made that public, even though unusual, because I had dozens of enquiries from donors and readers of my blog. The public nature of the case was the mother’s choice, justified by the need to fund raise. It was always uncomfortable for me, but seemed important to the ME community at large at the time, and in particular, seemed that it would help other children needing treatment. Jacqueline had expressed a desire to help others in the abstract, but when confronted with it, she wanted all the money. For what? Andrew had been fully treated.

As for the idea that this is all a misunderstanding, it is another deceit. Jacqueline understood everything perfectly well, until it served her purposes not to. When she realized that she would have to jettison me to hold onto the money, she turned into a pit viper. Nobody involved had ever seen anything like it; all witnessed by a dozen people, who had previously been committed to taking care of her. She got mad at them a little bit before she got mad at me, when she realized that they weren’t going to foot the bill for her husband and other son to come to Hawaii for a couple of weeks at the end. In my opinion, Jacqueline McGorrian McMurdie is nothing more than a con woman. She is a ventriloquist and Andrew is her mannequin. Unfortunately, she is initially convincing, but she leaves a very wide path of destruction behind her.

The most important point is that none of it was about medicine or Andrew. It was all about the mother’s personality, a woman who is the most selfish person I have ever met in my entire long life. Let’s see… what were my huge infractions. I got sick one day, because Jacqueline was inconsiderate of my energy, as she was the whole time, because she wanted to go to town for ice cream, leaving me waiting for three hours. I crashed that afternoon and Lilly Meehan called her and asked her to bring me some coffee, since I was out and it helps me to function. In hindsight, the relationship was already breaking down at that point. She was already in conflict with Little Acorns over money. By the time I heard there was another doctor, I was relieved, because it meant I could stop thinking about calling the authorities.

And I gave Andrew Deplin from my personal supply because his mother didn’t have a car to drive the two hours to the pharmacy and I didn’t have the strength to do the drive, treat Andrew and hold Jacqueline’s hand. I am licensed to dispense and what I gave Jacqueline was a “medical food”, not even a drug, given in increments that could all have been swallowed in a single dose by a small child with no harm at all.

Now she wants to continue to fund raise. For what? I don’t believe she has yet told the community what she wants to do with that money. As for money already raised? She wasted thousands and thousands of dollars with impulsive ticket changes. Little Acorns will publish a full accounting soon. The other big lie I am hearing again and again is how I charged so much money, since that’s my driving force. Here is the truth about the money, though it has already been said in a Little Acorns statement. I donated all my time prior to the trip. I cannot be alone without a carer while working for that long, so my husband took off time from work to come help me. My fee was based on break even expenses to do the trip, since what I originally had planned caused me not to schedule more patients. Because of the early termination, I would lose half the fee and therefore the trip would be a loss, but that was what I proposed at the time anyway, and what I did in the end. I actually tried to send back all the money at one point, but Little Acorns refused. I did this case because I wanted to help the child and thought I could. I knew it would be very public and never expected to make any money. This is all very easy to verify, in fact, will be publicly verified shortly.

As for the little group of self-proclaimed mold warriors that are egging Jacqueline on, for some peculiar reason these people have made discrediting me a cause celebre. Strange bedfellows. I have tried very hard to ignore it, but It has now crossed a line. This should serve as notice. If the cyber stalking does not cease and desist, I will take legal action. Given that I am more atuned to environmental illness than almost any other ME/CFS/Lyme doctor out there, it is all pretty sick. What are these people trying to contribute to the overall picture? How does hurting me help the community? How does hurting a bunch of sick people spending all their energy to help sick children help anyone at all?

This is yet another example of how nothing good ever happens for anyone in the ME community. The people who try to help are always little and fragile and they get stomped by the ugly elements of the group. Most of the people I have come in contact with are good kind people, but a few bad apples really spoil the barrel. The haters need to be excised from our community. They are toxic.

Comments are closed on this one blog, since I am not interested in sponsoring an Irish bar fight.

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